Administratrative positions

Committee memberships
2012/08/01~ 2013/01/31 校級 101學年度 衛生委員會 委員

Professional academic service experience
PeriodIn/Off CampusService items
2018/02/01~ 2022/12/31 校外 Editor/ Journal of Behavioral & Social Sciences
2015/02/01~ 2015/02/28 校外 Resonsible committee member in PhD process (as second reader)
2012/08/08~ 2012/08/09 校外 International Congress on Eduard Spranger: 8th – 9th of August 2012 at University of Siegen (Partner University of NDHU): organizer
2010/02/01~ 2022/01/31 校外 Member of Scientific Advisory Board/ Turkish Journal Akademik İncelemeler Dergisi (peer reviewed journal)
2010/02/01~ 2022/01/31 校外 Member of International Advisory Board/ Turkish Journal Bilgi (peer reviewed journal)
2009/02/01~ 2022/01/31 校內 Advisory Committee Member/ European Union Center in Taiwan (located at National Taiwan University)

Outreach service-learning counseling
PeriodIn/Off CampusService items