Item/ Identity Time of Beginning Time of Ending Explanation
Writing Teaching Feedback
(Freshmen no need.)
2023/12/11 (Monday) 12:30 2024/1/15 (Monday) 17:00 Completing It Before Selecting Course
(Freshmen no need.)
Course-Selecting Stage (Bachelor Students Select Courses According to Their Grades)
(Students with Extensions Included )
2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30
Junior 2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30
Sophomore 2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30
Freshman 2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30
Graduate-Level 2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30 (No Contain Classes in Summer Vacation)
During course pre-registration period, core courses and general education courses are not opened for graduate students!
Please select these courses during course add/drop.
Screening of Preliminary Course Selection 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 14:00 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 15:00 Course selection system will screen by the "Mode" and "Size of Limit" of each course.
Drop Courses Before Course Add/Drop 2024/2/19 (Monday) 12:30 2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 Drop Courses Only During This Period
Courses Add/Drop Online
(including students returning from leave)
2024/2/20 (Tuesday) 12:30 2024/2/27 (Tuesday) 12:30 If Courses with the rule of "Size of Limit" still have surpluses, Students can fill the surpluses by the
Add Course Requests 2024/3/1 (Friday) 8:00 2024/3/8 (Friday) 23:59 1.Ask your Teacher or TA to get "Adding Course Code(QR code)".
2.Adding Course Method (1):Using your mobile phone (or tablet) download a QR code scanner app and scan the QR code to begin adding the course.
3.Adding Course Method (2):Use a computer to log in to the Course Selection"System and click the "Course Adding Code" button and enter the code found below the QR code.
Fees of extra credits after ADD COURSE REQUESTS 2024/3/28 (Thursday) 8:00 2024/4/12 (Friday) 23:59 Please visit the portal for tuition and miscellaneous fees of the Bank of Taiwan to download and print out the payment form
Midterm Courses Withdrawal Application 2024/4/22 (Monday) 8:00 2024/5/10 (Friday) 23:59 1.Students are allowed to withdraw 'Only one' course in every semester.
2. Total credits must not be less than credit regulations of every department after withdrawal.
3. Please refer to NDHU Courses Withdrawal Guidelines for other regulations.
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